Former regional furniture, france

Regional and miscellaneous furniture

Regional furniture available on our web site.

Corner cupboard painted in the region of the pays de Caux. The gendarme Cap door is curved and banister with two feet and a crossing of Louis XV style. Time end of the 19 th century

Mess and its Provencal breadbox, Fourques region. The mess has underwent a restoration on top and consolidations at the foot level. For the breadbox several shootings are redone in the upper part. Period 18th century.

Sliding three-door carved walnut. On the front a small door to the gardening, two drawers that are curved, the top attributes opens in two sliding doors on the sides. First half of the 20th century.

Former Cabinet of Norman wedding trousseau the bride once served. It is painted in sets of birds on a blue background. Region high Normandy.

Former Spanish Middle table in Walnut style Louis XIV. The legs are taking and linked by a spacer ironwork dating under the platter. She suffered a few small restorations of uses. A table that is probably Catalan.

Old convenient curved marquetry, royal red molded marble top. Handles and feet falls are bronze. The sides are in solid walnut, the front of the drawers is veneered walnut, mulberry, nets of amarante and light wood. Light small restorations under the veneer. Probably the Dauphiné or Rhone Valley. Period 18th century

Low buffet in Cherry and English Elm in style LXV des Charentes region door panels. Beautiful trim iron and feet snails.

Former buffet two body to decrease. It is embellished with twisted columns at the centre and on the amounts. The four gates are geometric pattern. The central part is composed in six drawers including two pups in the Middle who served from cache. Posterior restorations in the Fund and shelves. Burgundy, Louis XIV fine 17 th where early 18 th century.

Small old wardrobe in Cherry half column, then first half of the 19th century. Perfect condition.

Buffet two bodies of marriage in oak, the Pays de Caux Region. Doors, transoms and corniche are carved. The feet are moulded with volutes and very specific to the Cauchois furniture windings. Note that the two drawers are hidden inside. (stand unrestored)

Buffet two body restyled style Louis XV, Pays de Caux region. Her top is Mountie hat. Screen doors are moulded scrolls and medallions. The lower ones are full and also eventful. The rounded amounts ending in feet snails.

Man standing carved and molded in cherry wood, sheets and entered into iron. Celles-sur-belle in the Department of deux-Sèvres, Poitou-Charentes region, mid 19th century.

Cabinet made of ash of style Louis XV region of Anjou, sheets in copper, feet snails. 19th.

Old Dresser of form Tomb in walnut, the France South-Western region. The front and the sides are curved. The drawers are rounded and curved with three different mouldings grounds at the centre. The bronzes that are original are style Louis LXVI, is giving a more mixed style. Time 18 th century.

Former fake FIR of the Coutances region bearing. It is carved roses in the Center with three drawers to Ray's heart. Door plates are taking, the bottom of the Cabinet was restored in the middle of the 20th century. Revamped color beef blood. Era of the mid-19th.



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